Public Records Request

Public Records Act

The Public Records Act as found in NRS 239 ensures that government documents are available to the public for inspection or copying within the constraints of the law.

    Request Public Records 
    Welcome to the Department of Public Safety's Public Records Request System. 
    By clicking below and completing your request, you will be submitting directly to the Department of Public Safety
    agency most likely to have the document you seek.

    There are other open records available to you free of change. 

    Should your Records Request have a cost associated, you can pay for and retrieve your records on-line.

    • If you are unable to submit your request online using the above link, you may Complete the Public Records Request form and submit it via fax or mail.  
    • Your request must be very specific and must include:
      • Name, address, and telephone number
      • Date the request is submitted
      • Description of the requested record(s), detailed enough for the Records Official to identify the record(s)
      • Whether you want to inspect the record(s) or receive a copy
      • Specify the format in which you want the copy (e.g. paper or electronic)
      • Method by which you want to receive the copy (e.g. mail, facsimile, email)


      There may be charges associated with the request for Public Records. The DPS fee schedule is as follows:

        • No fees will be charged until the total cost of the public records request exceeds $25. Staff time to comply with a public records request will not be charged.
        • If the request is deemed Extraordinary, fees will be calculated based on $0.50 per page copied or placed on storage media, in addition to the copying charges listed below.
        • No fees will be charged for the in person inspection of existing records, unless the request is for inspection of records that would require extraordinary use of personnel or technological resources.
        • Copying charges will be billed as follows:
          • Black and white copies, up to 8.5" x 14": - $0.10/page
          • Color copies, up to 8.5" x 14": - $0.50/page
          • Electronic media: actual state cost
          • The requester is responsible for actual postage costs.
        • All payments must be made by check, money order, or exact cash, by mail or in-person. On-line requests may be paid by credit card.
        • Fee Cap: The fees associated with extraordinary requests may not exceed $0.50 per page, in addition to in addition to the copying charges described above.

          Extraordinary Requests

          Requests deemed Extraordinary by DPS are those requests that require more than two (2) hours of staff time to fulfill.

            Public Records Contact Information

            Department of Public Safety 
            Public Records Official  
            555 Wright Way  
            Carson City, NV 89711  
            Phone: (775) 684-4556  
            Email: Click here for online public records request

              Nevada Highway Patrol Accident Reports

              To request a copy of an accident report pursuant to NRS 480.600, please contact your local Highway Patrol office, in which area the accident occurred.  

              • Las Vegas Area      702-486-4100, select 4
              • Reno Area              775-687-9600
              • Elko Area               775-753-1111