Assembly Bill 239

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

During the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature, Governor Sandoval signed Assembly Bill 239 (AB239), which relates to the regulation of public operations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Within AB239, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is tasked with establishing and maintaining a registry of UAVs operated by public agencies, providing an annual report to the Legislature, and adopting related regulations. DPS Director, Jim Wright has tasked the implementation of DPS’s portion of AB239 to Caleb Cage, Chief of DPS’s Division of Emergency Management.

Chief Cage will be developing the application for public agencies to operate UAVs, the registry, and the regulations. Please contact Chief Cage directly if your agency operates UAVs or anticipates operating UAVs for public purposes so that he can provide you with the necessary application and include your perspective in the forthcoming regulations. You can contact him directly either through email at: or by telephone at 775-687-0300.