Retired Officers Firearms Qualifications

Welcome to the Department of Public Safety’s website for Retired Officers Firearms Qualification. Pursuant to NRS 202.3678, DPS will offer its honorably retired law enforcement officers the opportunity to qualify with their weapon pursuant to 18 USC 926C(c). This qualification must be done annually to maintain your Title 18 USC certification.

Qualification will be held at the NNCC range in Northern Nevada and at a designated range in Southern Nevada. You, as the retired officer, need to call the firearms coordinator in your former Division to schedule a date and time to qualify.

To reserve your time, you must call the Firearms Coordinator for the Division from which you retired to arrange a shoot date at one of the following numbers:

Retired Officers Firearms Qualifications Reservation Contacts
Capitol Police 775-684-5700
Fire Marshal 775-684-7514
Investigations 775-684-7400
NV Highway Patrol 775-684-4901
Parole and Probation 775-684-2605

  • Read the attached policy dealing with Retired Officers Firearms Qualification (download pdf)
  • Print out and complete the Retired Officer Firearms Qualification Application (download pdf)
  • Print out, read, and sign the attached Waiver of Liability (download pdf)
    This must be presented to the Range Master prior to your qualification shoot.
  • Print out two copies of the Qualification Record (download pdf) and complete the first two lines of each with your name, date of the shoot, and qualification standard you are shooting for.
  • Print out the Range Safety Rules (download pdf). The Range Master will go over them with you prior to the shoot and they must be signed and given to the Range Master as part of the qualification package.
  • Make two copies of your Drivers License and your DPS Honorable Retired Identification Card.
  • Bring all of the above described information to your qualification shoot.
  • DPS will provide you with the opportunity to qualify with one weapon only.

Please understand that this is a qualification opportunity only.  DPS Personnel will not provide any weapons repair, instruction, or remediation. Be prepared to qualify and good luck.